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Dr.Rao’s vision behind Panini Ayurveda

Dr.Rao’s vision behind Panini Ayurveda

I want to bring in the genuine knowledge of Ayurveda in its pure, unaltered form. I want to spread genuine Ayurveda that is practical and easily adaptable in today’s modern lifestyles.

Ayurveda can offer excellent preventive measures and body friendly cleansing methods to optimize health and keep away the disease. After seeing endless side effects of chemical medicines people are looking for natural ways of healing. Ayurveda can offer very effective solutions for such people.

For many simple and complex disease conditions Ayurveda can offer complete guidance consisting of diet, lifestyle and effective treatment of disease. In the crowd of super specialized branches of modern medicine I want to promote wholistic approach of Ayurveda with body- mind -spirit balance.

In the modern society we have seen and experienced the emptiness and futility of material world. Ayurveda can offer solid philosophical and spiritual insights for those who have such interest.

Ayurveda is as vast and as deep as the ocean. One has to have extensive training and long clinical experience before offering Ayurveda consultations and trainings. After studying at University level in India, working with many experienced Vaidyas, and running my own clinic in India for 10 years, I am happy to work and teach Ayurveda in the west for about 18 years.

I believe that healing and spiritual sciences have no boundaries of countries and no barriers of language. I feel privileged to be the bridge of Ayurveda joining the east and the west. The blessings of my Guru and the goodwill of my patients, students and well-wishers inspires me to serve the God in people in better and better way.