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What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma treatments are the detox treatments of Ayurveda.We offer traditional authentic Panchakarma treatments based on AshtangHridyam, an ancient Manuscript of Ayurveda. In our clinics, ancient principles of Panchakarma methods are made suitable for the modern times.

Thedetox programs are designed as per your specific needs after detailed consultation with experienced Ayurvedic physician. Special focus is on diet and nutrition to achieve maximum cleansing effect.

Preparation before Panchakarma-

Initially the body is prepared for Panchakarma treatments by boosting Agni (the digestive fire) and digesting Ama (the toxins blocking channels of the body.) When possible, these treatments can be completed with the help of your local Ayurvedic physician before arriving in India. Online consultation for preparation of Panchakarma before your arrival is also a good idea.

Pre-Panchakarma process-

Later, pre-Panchakarma processes including various types of massages and steam is given. Internal use of ghee helps in lubricating the channels of the body. Pre-Panchakarma procedures help in releasing the toxins from deeper tissues and bringing them to the digestive system. They help in easy removal of toxins from the body during main panchakarma process.


Only after satisfactory preparation main cleansing procedures are administered. The progress of a patient is monitored by daily check up by an Ayurvedic physician.*We make our own oils and other preparations that are used for Panchakarma treatments

Panchakarma treatments have following benefits-

  • Cleansing body and mind
  • Helps in bringing body- mind- soul balance
  • Improves metabolic processes of the body
  • Empowers Agni- the digestive fire
  • Boosts immunity of the body
  • Brings anti-oxidant, anti-aging effect
  • Increases strength of sensory and motor organs
  • Increases vigour and vitality
  • Improves quality of semen, ovum and promotes fertility

Various Panchakarma treatments performed at our clinics-

Name of the treatment Short description
Abhyanga Oil massages of various types
Petiswedana Steam box
Nadi Swedana local steam
Patra pottaliswedana – Hot massage with Fresh leaves balls
Pindaswedana/ Navara kizzi/ Shashtikshalipindaswedana Rice ball massage
Poedikeri Swedana Hot massage with dry powder balls
Katibasti Oil treatment for low back problems
Hridbasti Oil treatment for heart issues
Janubasti Oil treatment for knee problems
Netra tarpana Ghee treatment for eyes
Shirodhara Oil drip on the forehead
Takradhara Drip of herb treated buttermilk on the forehead
Dugdhadhara Drip of herb treated milk on the forehead
Nasya Nose drops treatment
Karna purana Oil treatment for ears
Niruha Basti Enemas with herbal decoctions
Anuvasan basti Enemas with ayurvedic oils
Virechana Purgation treatment
Vamana Emesis
Deepa karma and udaramardan Facial massage
Mukhabyanga Facial massage
Lepana Various packs
Udvartana Body scrub and exfoliation, Dry powder massage

Namaskar… Thank you for the interest shown in Panchakarma treatments that we offer in Pune, India.

We have two city based clinics in Pune and we offer all sorts of Ayurveda treatments and Panchakarma.

Dr. Alaknanda Rao and Dr. Deepa Kshire both have 25 years of clinical experience and they work together for very long time.

Dr. Deepa is looking after 2 clinics in Pune while Dr. Alaknanda is based in our clinic in Netherlands.

About our set up- *Two clinics in Pune city with Panchakarma facility

*Well trained therapists (male and female) and friendly staff

*Specially designed Panchakarma treatments as per your needs and Dosha situation (Vata , Pitta, Kapha) .

*We make our own oils and other preparations that are used for Panchakarma treatments

*Panchakarma treatment charges are 45€ for about 60-70 min treatment (some variation is possible depending on the cost of oils used) For the longer treatments there are additional charges. *
*Living arrangements are made in house or with nearby families as paying guests. (Living expenses are around 25€ per day including food)

*Rental apartments can be arranged for families and couples

*Panchakarma registration charges are 25 € (one time, non-refundable