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Payment Terms

Alaknanda Rao

  • Member of professional association ANVAG
  • Affiliated with umbrella / complaint & disciplinary law RBCZ / TCZ
  • AGB practice codes are present
  • Chamber of commerce number (KvK-nr): 34374423.

Health insurance coverage and Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda consultations are fully or partly covered by some insurance companies. Ayurveda falls under the umbrella of alternative medicine.
  • Please take information from your insurance company before making an appointment.
  • Claiming and receiving the reimbursement from insurance company is solely client’s own responsibility. Any delay in payments duet to this reason are not acceptable.
  • Panini Ayurveda will give all possible co-operation and information; but will not be responsible for any disputes regarding reimbursement.

Ayurvedic supplements, detox herbs, therapeutic massage oils, etc-

  • Kindly note that so far no insurance companies cover costs for Ayurvedic supplements, detox herbs and therapeutic massage oils.
  • Please consider these costs besides the consultation cost and plan your budget accordingly.
  • In case you have a limited budget for the supplements please mention that before the consultation.
  • In case you buy Ayurveda products from the clinic pay by cash separately.
  • Please remember that these costs cannot be included in the consultation invoices.

Consultation fees:

Half hour consultation- 65 euros

One hour consultation- 120 euros

Cancellation Policy :

  1. Postponements and cancellations should be informed as soon as possible or latest by 2 working days prior to the booked appointment.
  2. All late cancellations and NO SHOW situations are fully charged.
  3. Panini Ayurveda Clinic holds the right to deny or cancel any appointments due to unavoidable reasons at any point in time.