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Good to Know

In some conditions Ayurveda helps as supportive therapy. Simultaneously, chemical medicines and hospital treatments are continued as usual.

Cancer: Ayurveda helps in various stages of cancer as a supportive therapie

Diet is lifestyle advice improves the life quality of a person.

Surgery- Pre-operative preparation methods and post-operative advice helps for speedy recovery and reduced side effects of anaesthetic drugs and pain killers.

Chemotherapy and radiation- Dr. Rao has long experience to support people during chemo and radiation treatments to maintain body strength, minimize and treat the side effects efficiently.

Finding good balance of health, Protection of vital organs, improvement of immunity, anti- cancer, antioxidant herbs and detox herbs, detox diet plans are some of the highlights of ayurvedic treatment in cancer.

Thyroid problems, hypertension ( high blood pressure) extreme rheumatic conditions, Diabetes type II, Insomnia, Severe depression, Hormone therapie, etc. where the conditions are chronic and the person is taking chemical medicines, initially the medicines are continued and Ayurveda therapie is given side by side.

In many cases reduction in the dose of chemical drugs or complete stopping of chemical medicines is achieved. All the changes are done with strict safety precautions, regular check-ups by an ayurvedic consultant and the guidance from Hospital. Advice from respective specialists and lab tests, blood tests, ultrasound examinations are advised through the Huisarts as and when required.