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Do’s and Don’ts for consultation

  1. Plan the first appointment on relatively relaxed day. This helps to concentrate better during the consultation and making the experience pleasant and productive.
  2. After the first consultation keep some time free to process and assimilate all the information. At least do not plan a very close appointment after a consult so that you don’t need to rush.
  3. To get suitable date and time book the appointment 2 to 3 weeks( minimum) in advance. Email is the preferred way of communication.
  4. When booking appointments for babies and young children look for suitable time of the day for your child and avoid their nap times. For children in age when they can understand ,explain in simple language what they can expect during the consultation before coming for the appointment. This helps in creating positive experience and getting better co-operation from a child for the examination.

Food and drinks on the first consultation day-

  1. You may take all normal meals provided there is minimum one to one and half hour distance between eating and consultation time. People with strong hunger or medical conditions like diabetes, etc should bring some food with them so soon after the examination is over they can eat.
  2. Do not drink coffee 1 hour before consultation. Do not drink any alcohol prior to the consultation. Both these thing can alter the Pulse reading and the diagnostic process.
  3. Please remember to take all regular medicines such as blood pressure pill, diabetes medicines, thyroid medicines ,etc on the day of consultation.

Things to take with you for the first consultation

  1. List of all health complaints that you have
  2. List of all the medicines, cremes, vitamins, supplements that you are currently taking
  3. Any hospital records, blood or other medical reports that you might have
  4. Cash for the payment