Health is Happiness,
Health is Wealth.

Consultation Benefits

Simple Ayurveda consultation can be life changing

Your first consultation will involve extensive physical examination and basic psychological evaluation. This will include pulse examination, tongue examination, abdominal palpation and history of your health. Some time will be reserved for designing and typing the ‘suggestion plan’ for you.

There will be diagnosis made based on Prakriti (body type) and Vikruti (current problems). Guidelines for diet, life style and instruction for taking supportive or detoxification herbs will be given to you. Suggestions will be made to calm down the complaints and bring back the balance of the health. Step by step plan will be explained to you.

Initially the follow up appointments will be required at regular intervals depending on the plan of action. Follow up appointments are extremely important to monitor the detox processes and to access the success of the treatment plan. As you in better balance, the gap between two consultations will be increased.

It is solely one’s own responsibility to remember and book the follow up appointments. It works better if you book the next follow up appointment immediately at the time of each meeting. This also gives you multiple suitable options of date and time.

Note: Usual consultation time is one hour. When you have long medical history, complex health situation and / Or lots of questions better book the first appointment for one and half hour.