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Skin Diseases and Ayurvedic Treatments

By Vd. Alaknanda Rao

Skin is reflection of one’s health. Everyone wants to have a flawless, soft, supple skin with beautiful glow.

Skin is seat of Vata dosha. Kapha helps in keeping the softness while Pitta gives nice glow to the skin. Skin is responsible for the sense of touch and temperature, thermal regulation, removal of liquid waste through sweat and the protection of body organs.

Healthy, soft, supple and flawless skin needs attention from inside out. Skin care begins with drinking sufficient quantity of water. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding hot spicy, heavy, fried and oily foods, acidic-sour foods, avoiding exposure to hot Sun, and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals are basic rules for prevention of skin diseases.

Ayurveda can guide you to choose the right kind of foods and suitable skin care based on your body type and skin type.

Even though everyone dreams about healthy skin, skin problems are very common in our country. Sometimes they are painful for the body. Redness, dryness, itching or burning can make life difficult. And sometimes painless skin conditions can be also painful for the mind due to the embarrassment could cause. E.g. In some young teenager’s life acne or vitiligo can be reason for the low self-esteem.

Dry skin can be the beginning of many skin problems. Simple technique of Abhyanga- the self-massage can help in avoiding the dryness of skin and helps to get better blood circulation. Application of warm sesame oil on body before shower keeps skin soft, nourished and healthy.

Various problems like oily skin, acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, skin abscess, infections, herpes, allergy, hives, rosacea, fungal infections in nails, lichen sclerosis, etc require different treatment plans.

Firstly, the diagnosis in Ayurvedic point of view is done based on three Doshas Vata Pitta and Kapha. Understanding how deep and how chronic the problem is determines the further plan of action and choice of herbs to be used. Finding and avoiding the causative factors behind the skin condition is very important part of the treatment. Diet adjustments, lifestyle changes, internal purification methods, deep skin cleansing methods, use of herbal formulations are important features of Ayurvedic treatment.

Internal and external treatments work hand in hand to give good results. In some chronic conditions Panchkarma cleansing treatments are very useful. Even after getting better special remedies are used to boost the immunity of the skin to avoid recurrence of the skin problems. Ayurvedic treatments are chemical free and give long lasting results.

Tips for beautiful skin-

For facial skin-

  • Use coconut oil for face massage( you can use coconut oil as make-up remover as well)
  • Use raw milk or ale-vera gel as a cleanser
  • Rose water or cucumber juice are good skin toners

For all over body skin-

  1. Abhyanga (self-massage) with sesame oil
  2. Body scrub- Mix 2 teaspoon red lentil powder or chick pea flour with water to make paste. Use it in the shower as a natural cleanser in place of soap. It will take out only excess oil leaving the skin nicely nourished.
  3. Drink ½ tsp turmeric powder mixed with 1 cup of water and a pinch of black pepper every day for healthy, glowing skin

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