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Jalaneti – Simple and effective way to take care of nose and sinuses

(Nasal cleansing using a Neti pot)

By Vd. Alakanda Rao

Neti is nose cleaning method useful as part of daily regimen. For healthy people Neti works as prevention from respiratory and nose problems. It helps in clear breathing and bringing more Prana to the head region. It opens blockages, cleans and moisturizes nasal membrane. It also helps in clear thinking and better focus of mind. People having nose blockages, sinusitis, allergies, hay fever and other respiratory issues can use Neti as a treatment and get good benefit from it.

Neti pot-

Neti pot is a special cup with a spout like a tea pot, made of porcelain or plastic. For daily use prefer the porcelain pot. Plastic pots are suitable for travel. The size of pot should not be too big. The pot that easily fits on your palm is of right size.

Water+ salt-

First put 1/8 to ¼ tsp powdered Himalaya salt in the pot. If you don’t have it the kitchen salt is fine to use. The role of salt is to soften the water and adding extra cleansing effect to Neti.

Now add lukewarm water into a pot. It can be cooked and cooled water or you may take directly from a tap when it is safe water. The temperature of water should be slightly warmer than body.


First check from which side you are breathing. Start with that open nostril. Hold Netipot in hand and put the spout in the nostril. Now tilt your neck to the side and slightly forward. If you keep it backward water from Netipot will go to your throat. Now water will start flowing up through the nostril and because your neck is tilted to the side it will come out from the other nostril. Let it flow until half of the Neti pot is empty. Now stop with Neti and breathe out forcefully. Let the mucus and extra water flow out completely.

Now take the Neti pot to the other nostril and repeat the process.

In the end breathe forcefully once more to take out any extra water let behind in the nose.

Apply sesame oil in the nose after Neti, to avoid any dryness.

What could go wrong and how to avoid it-

  1. Use of too little salt or too much salt, extra hot or extra cold water can cause irritation or burning in the nose. Water should taste like tear drops, if it is saltier than that it will cause irritation. Checking temperature of water with your finger will give you the right temperature of the water
  2. If you have big blockage, water might take time to flow out. Be patient with it and soon it will start flowing.
  3. If you can’t manage the angle of your neck the water could go to the throat. But it is just like drinking some salty water. So, you could do no harm to your body at all, while learning the technique of Neti.

I hope you are inspired to learn this daily regimen technique to Ayurveda and improve your breathing. (Copyright with Vd. Alaknanda Rao)